Nothing intrigues me more than a woman who takes care of herself; an elegant woman with a fit and voluptuous kind of body that yields both men and women to drool and quiver boisterously with great appreciation, admiration and enticement.

Nothing and I mean nothing leads me to bow down and applaud, than a woman with a loving heart, a strong character and a great personality; a woman who irrespective of what life’s impediments throws at her, remains humbled, caring, kind and acquitted; Mosadi wa go tswara thipa ka bogaleng and fights for what she believes in without breaking a single nail.

But over and above all, nothing excites me more than DJ Shimza and Mishka who through their awesome track called “African Woman”, serenades the listener with intriguing African instruments and produced the most enchanting and mesmeric beats; the kind of beats which demands one to move gently and eloquently to its hypnotic rhythm because of the attractive kind of woman described in the song.

House music sets your body free into a tranquil and mind-altering state; it releases the tension you carry, intoxicate you with an irresistible sensation which kind of rattles your body to abruptly become liberated and unstiffened. It is so damn euphoric in such a way that you find yourself closing your eyes tightly and shaking your head gently and as the beat and rhythm elevates so does your body movement, you just can’t help but find yourself swiftly stirring your waist, spin kicking and tumbling- well that will depend on how “drunk in music” you are.

Not only does the aforementioned track express the delicacy and magnificence of a beautiful strong African woman, but it also portrays a well-mannered, grateful and properly groomed African man who is appreciative of finding a woman with both the outer and inner beauty. A man who approaches a woman with great amount of respect and humbleness, and when he admires what he sees and desire to get to know her better, he asks kindly and awaits permission. A man who ought to become the kind of lover she’s been hoping and dreaming of and goes all out to make her his woman and not his “BAE”.

It reminds me of this striking poem by Abigail Sikwenda called “African woman”. This is the type of words every woman should constantly read out loud every morning to remind themselves of their essence and exclusivity.

“A black woman is the most colorful and light filled creation I know

She is strong, filled with power, intellect and control

Bad to the bone, intimidating, yet friendly and approachable

I am black; exuding power and radiating authority much bearable

A dark woman of strong will, self-control and discipline

Sophisticated in my own independence, so fresh, so clean

My color dignifies me to be affluent and success oriented

Because most say I can’t, I want to prove a point that’s cemented

Truth is black women are beautiful, sexy and seductive

Black women are appealing, deep, multi-talented, multi-taskers and active

A black woman is the end of phenomena beauty

Yet the beginning of a new inexplicable beauty”

It is through this electrifying music and inspirational poetry that I remain encouraged and motivated to take good care of the phenomenon body, mind and soul that God has blessed me with, to nurture the inner beauty he has instilled within me and to always strive to become a magnificent, innocent and warm-hearted African woman with all assets in position.


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