Many have called her complicated, weak and a fragile being. They’ve disrespected her grind and every chance they got they made her feel like she could never lead nor excel anywhere outside the kitchen.

Even after being belittled, unappreciated, misjudged and disrespected she still wore her confidence, held her head up high, body upright, put one foot after another and continued grinding with the hope of being recognized and taken seriously. Not once did she lose hope. Instead she worked 10 times harder and every morning she stood in front of the mirror and recited this lyrics “woman don’t be shy it’s your time to shine”.

After an exhausting day at work she got home to find her kitchen duties waiting for her, again with a humbled heart she took off her tight dress, wore her apron and got her hands dirty. With hardly nothing to eat at home she mixed maize in boiled water, went to the garden she had ploughed herself to pick fresh  tomatoes, onions and potatoes and turned that into a nice meal to satisfy the kids’ hunger: The trouble she didn’t have to go through.

She could’ve went to drown her sorrows somewhere around the world like most men do when the going got tough. She could’ve neglected her kids and disappeared to God knows where. But she always put others before her, always builds her strength from trials and pain and finds peace from her heart to move on and remain strong. And again no matter how hard things get, she always reminds herself to not be shy, for it’s her time to shine.

Her faith is strong. Every day she gets up and hopes for a better day as she grinds from Monday to Sunday. Even through the darkest hours, she shines bright like an angel sent from up above. She makes sacrifices effortlessly because she was built to care. She was made to carry heavy weights on her shoulders, and to hold the sharp edge of a knife. Yet some still have the audacity to call her weak and fragile.

See… It is women whom even after enduring the pain of giving life, all stitched up and drowsy, manages to sacrifice and compromise her precious time, even her sleep, for the sake of nurturing and caring for a new born baby and still fulfill her household duties effectively and efficiently so.

We often overlook what women have to put up with for us to have better lives. The sacrifices they always make for us to be happy. We don’t appreciate them enough but in all honesty without them we would be doomed.

So today, help me humbly recognize and celebrate every woman out there, a mother, sister or daughter- young or old. Whether black, brown, white or orange in colour. Help me not only to thank, but also appreciate the roles each of these women play in our lives; help me honor them for their humility, integrity and strength by wishing all of them a joyful and most epic WOMEN’S DAY!

Without a woman there would be

“No one to reassure your fears
No one to wipe your tears
No one to encourage you on
No one to brighten your morn

No smile to make your heart sing
No glance to make you feel a king
No gentility, no grace, no glance that is coy
No compliments, to make you feel like a boy

No woman’s touches
That make a home of your house
No laughing no joking
Or playing cat and mouse

A world without women
Means no children too
Only men and more men
Which will soon
dwindle to a few

No one to harass to tease
Or violate
Only men to fight with
dominate and subjugate

And when fighting with equals
Your victory in doubt
You’ll soon be vanquished
And maybe thrown out

The strength of a woman
Dedication to her own
Her sixth sense, her nurture
The source unknown

A creation so special
An essence that is divine
Oh woman you’re special
Made for me! You are mine

Whether mother or sister
or girlfriend or wife,
You are what makes it special
This existence called Life

I thank God for your presence
For your companionship and love
I bow to your superiority
While He is smiling from above”

~A World without Women – Poem by Arti Chopra



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