Hmmmm, so a friend of mine sent me a new track today and she asked me to listen to it and give her feedback on what I think of the art instigated on it.

I must say this is a song by one of the most versatile artist I know and venerate. This is someone who has given us all of her. She keeps surprising us with intriguing music and interesting sets of personalities to flourish her versatility every single year. We’ve seen her go from a good girl to a bad ass lady, we’ve seen her move from RnB to Pop to Reggae to electro and rock and this for me is what an ARTIST is.

A person who can pull of any kind of genre, own it like it was created just for her. One who not only sings, but engages with the listener, captivates and entertains you with words as well as a stupendous performance, continues levitating the bar up so high and enthralling your emotions to a level at which you can’t help but fall in love with her music, appreciate her performances and respect her artistic abilities and envy how talented and awesome she is.

I think you all know who I am talking about right?

Rihanna herself and the song I fell so in love with is called “LOVE ON THE BRAIN” – a single from her 2016 album titled “ANTI”.

This song is crispy fresh, the sound or rather beats are excruciatingly great and the way in which she plays with her voice is amazing she got me thinking there’s other artists featured on that track – but that isn’t the case. It takes me back to those days when music touched our hearts and souls and united us. She made me realize that it is music that keeps some of us sane.

If you have listened to the album or even if you only heard this beautiful song please share what you think of it and which songs stood out for you from the album.

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