Laugh hard, but learn even harder!

Life has a funny way of educating us, and I mean literally so but in most cases we find more hilarity in these lessons than the lesson itself. Take a look at the political issues our country is facing, what about the racial glitches and social concerns.

All these are serious issues that shouldn’t be taken lightly but we find ourselves rolling on the floor with laughter over such serious impediments.

Comedy has always been the best genre to watch when one needs a good laugh; it is through this type of rib-tickling comedy that we find funniness and amusement, feel enlightened and joy filled. But have we ever thought comedy could turn into a platform that is used to combine both humour and education? Have you ever thought you could learn anything informative while watching some comedian throw a few hilarious jokes there and then?

I know I haven’t, until I watched Trevor Noah’s stand up comedies. And I mean all of his shows have done nothing but teach me something valuable and thought-provoking that I feel we should all live by. And that lesson is to <strong>Laugh hard but learn even harder</strong>.

Never have I thought I could find myself cracking up with laughter and right at that point, learn so much about our country, other countries and life in general.

“Pay back the funny” (his recent comedy released in the year 2015) has reminded me or rather made me aware of how Cell phones have robbed us of our humanity and made us neglect real communication – I mean people would rather LOL / LMFAO than actually laugh out loud, we would rather express ourselves by using emoticons rather than speech and real emotions. People would much rather communicate via WhatsApp (sometimes with total strangers) than the person sitting right next to them. We are slowly but surely becoming illiterates because we don’t spell nor compile simple sentences anymore since acronyms have taken over- every single word is literally shortened.

All this doesn’t sound funny right? But trust Trevor Noah to turn something so serious into a joke and leave you LAUGHING OUT FOREAL but thinking hard and learning more about your surroundings. It’s how he delivers it to you that will leave you giggling uncontrollably with laughter. It’s the creativity implemented on every performance. It’s the facial and body gestures he uses and the different kinds of accents and voice tones that makes his performances enjoyable. He doesn’t speak of anything we don’t know of, no science and no lame jokes. He spreads awareness regarding social, environmental, economic, political, and most importantly so, racial issues then integrates all that with his sense of humour, confidence and creativity to deliver an awesome show. Now, that for me is what being a comedian means – being able to use life experiences that we can all relate to and artistically turn that into something hilarious but still relevant and informative.

Trevor has redefined the way in which most of us perceive comedy, he has found a way to make us laugh hard but learn even harder.

If you have watched this comedy, you know exactly what I’m talking about right?

What do you think of this kind of comedy?

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