Comes a time in life when you just feel so down and out and everything annoys the living hell out of you. That exasperating feeling you get very early in the morning when your alarm clock goes off and you are still sleepy as f@#k. Or even worse when you have plenty of work to do but no energy or motivation to begin.

What about those moments where you wish you could throw something at someone? That time when you feel like life has turned against you? Whatever the case or the feeling! Be it that awkward moment of silence. We all deal with it differently. Some people jog it off. Some bath it off and most ignore the poop out of it.

Well, I listen to good music, I let myself get lost in the artistic melody and beats of a good song, I let go and let music guide me, heal me, strengthen me and speak to me and for me. I often close my eyes and listen deeply to the instruments behind the track, behind the good voice and, that keeps me sane, it gives me hope, it activates me and before I know it, I’m ready to face my daily challenges – with a smile.

“Good Music” is indeed food to my soul. It gives hope to the hopeless, gives strength to the weak. It gives a voice to the mute and most importantly so, it brings families, friends and even enemies together. It moves people of different cultures.

“Good Music” brings peace to the uneasy and disturbed minds. It heals broken hearts. It activates the cells in our bodies, leaving us exhilarated and rejuvenated, yearning for more… more music!

“Good Music” tells our stories, shares our experiences, addresses problems, offers solutions and gives us guidelines.

Music speaks to us… listen… feel it!

How does music make you feel?

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