So, a few days back while surfing the net for a few mood invigorating songs to listen to, I bumped into this track featuring two of the greatest acclaimed Hip Hop artists Mzansi has ever produced. I’m talking about deep soul-filled artists who spit nothing but captivating verses and poetic rhymes.

The Hip Hop legends who rap not only to entertain but to also share valuable life experiences through their music with the hope of inspiring and motivating their listeners. Although this is an old track, it still caught my eye and arose a hectic feeling of inquisitiveness to find out what these Hip Hop slayers had in store for us (since they are consistently producing nothing but awesome hits).

I must say, I was totally enthralled and enticed by the overall production of this single. I’m talking about the high quality sound and beats, dope flows, meaningful and poignant verses with that “MOTSWAKO” ambiance to it and to top it all off, that intriguing poetic piece at the end which captures your mind and soul and glide it through an irrepressible harmonious mode.

It reminded me of why I fell in love with Hip Hop in the first place – the art of using life experiences and converting that into rap music; into poetry and entertainment. This is the kind of track that one can hip and hop to but still grasp the message and relatable lesson conveyed. It speaks to you and for you.

I have learned that sometimes life comes around, knocks you down so hard and leave you warn out and dusty like an old plastic blown by an autumn breeze. It can come in and drain off all your energy, all the hope and faith you had, rip your heart into pieces, deactivate your mind and push you to the edge until you are weak and downhearted; until you feel like you can’t hold on any longer.

It’s too damn hard! But, every day we get up, go out there and hustle even harder. We endure the pain, the hardships and sufferings. We continue embarking on our journey regardless of hindrances and challenges for it is through these life sufferings that we develop character, patience, resilience and hope.

The track is called Endurance BY REASON FT HHP AND NOVA. It is a single from Reason’s recent album titled “AUDIO HIGH DEFINITION”.

This is one of the songs that has taught me the meaning and benefits of endurance (the power to withstand pain and hardships; the ability or strength to continue regardless of struggles and life challenges.)

Every morning I wake up to this inspirational track and remind myself of this important truth:

The ground is not your home,

Straighten up and fly right,

Endure and keep on,

“March on till life hands you an applause.” ~ Nova


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