We work so hard during the week that when the weekend approaches we so exhausted, thirsty and dehydrated and all we really need is to relax and unwind, let loose and have a wonderful time with friends- preferably over a reasonable amount of drinks, great music and good food. I totally needed that this past weekend so I decided to visit a lavish lounge club called Topflo which is located in Pretoria.

The DJs marched proudly behind the decks and emancipated us with all kinds of house music, from commercial, to that deep and soulful House. It was epic, people were chilled, having an awesome time and moved delicately to the hypnotizing and pleasant sound of house music- the aim was not to sweat at all. Almost everyone was absorbed deeply into the beats, their bodies vulnerable and faces filled with a satisfactory and pleasurable grin – every one of us, except for the humongous hulk looking bouncers.

Something interesting happened when the DJ switched to Hip Hop music. The crowd went totally bizarre, screamed their lungs out with great amount of exhilaration, jumped off their sits, and started singing together like a choir group. When the DJ played songs such as Caracara, Haole monate le mpitse, Boss Sonke, Composure, Roll up, Ngudu, Juice back and Baddest to name a few, people united and boy did they sing these songs like they were singing a National Anthem. They even had different kinds of dance moves for each hip hop song that played- from dabbing and nay naying to crumping and ass pumping. It was epic, enchanting and interesting to be surrounded by such an energetic crowd; it was fulfilling and mood invigorating.

A few years back people used to sit down when the DJ played Hip Hop tracks, they’d even complain and call the DJ a bore. Most of us preferred house music as it allowed us to hectically “Turn Up”; it was through house music that circles randomly opened for people to flaunt their hectic dance moves, until SA Hip Hop refurbished promptly before us. Things switched and all the fun, the dancing, singing along, and circles opened over hip hop performances. Most events are now featuring a lot of Hip HOP Artists and as a result clubs, pubs and chilled Lounges are filling up like crazy. Hip hop has never had so many supporters before.

I realized then that SA HIP HOP is definitely a leading genre and is stealing all the lime light. It has escalated incredibly to greater heights ever since our artists started releasing singles and featuring each other. This has allowed them to remain relevant and known, to continuously bless us with new tracks each month and showcase their endless creativity and capabilities, unlike back in the days when we had to wait for months or even years for a release of one album.

What I love about a dope Hip Hop track is that revitalizing kind of feeling it inoculates within you, that heart pumping, blood boiling and emotion racing kind of sensation you get from the rhythm and rhymes, the rapid flow of words, perforating spits and bars of a dope ass track. I love how Hip Hop music elevates my mood to a level filled with oomph and jubilation. How it takes me through different kinds of reactions and forces my body to uncontrollably and unexpectedly dance to the beat. It’s insane; it’s implausible and so damn electrifying.

Mzansi Rappers, especially the new comers have brought that crispy fresh sensation to the Hip Hop Industry, they’ve come with a total bang, and competition is getting tougher and tighter as we watch them fervently compete for the number one spot. They are without a doubt making history:

  • Nasty C being a total spit eradicator who has taken lyricism to an epic level and is by far one of the best young rappers in Mzansi.
  • Cassper Nyovest filled up the dome last year and has featured American greats like the Game, Talib Kweli and DJ Drama.
  • Ngudu by Kwesta has reached over a million views on Youtube in a month (a few years back Caracara by K.O also set a record).
  • AKA being one of the most consistent artists who is by the way internationally recognized and revered.
  • We now have the most soul filled female rappers with their own unique style and intriguing rapping skills, female rappers such as Fifi Cooper, Gigi Lamayne, Rouge, Nadia Nakai and Moozlie – Who have brought that feminine ambiance to SA Hip Hop.
  • We’ve also witnessed how Emtee and Fifi Cooper scored seven awards among themselves during the SAMAs and built a name for Ambitiouz Entertainment.
  • I am however curious of who’s the Mastermind behind the Ambitiouz team.

These artists along with others are slaying week after week, consistently releasing hits after hits and are totally giving the old dogs a good run, pressuring them to work even harder than they did before. Ba tseya beati ka di tshipi (as Fifi Cooper would say), and are taking over the music industry rapidly. They’ve all gotten us pumped up and waiting with inordinate anticipation for their new albums and singles. It’s honestly encouraging and imposing to see Mzansi Rappers sky rocketing all the way to the top of the music charts.

Now that’s what’s up!

But in all this, let’s not forget about those who’ve been in the game for long, real MCs who’ve inaugurated, cultivated and sustained this genre; Hip Hop legends and producers who not only created a platform for upcoming artists/rappers, but also inspired, motivated, mentored and assisted some of these artists with the compilations of their tracks and in finding their artistic abilities. I’m talking about the hip hop conquerors who’ve contributed on the erection of this genre from nothing to what it is today-

Talent Bursting

Big up to all Hip Hop artists (even those who released one dope track and then disappeared), for they too played a role in the progression of Mzansi Hip Hop.

With consistent determination and delivery, comes consistent growth and development. Keep at it and it won’t be long before you too refurbish and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

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