In pursuit of our passions and career goals we often stumble upon plenty of curve balls and set-backs. We get tempted, tested, and sometimes get thrown down the gutters. We might fail; fall and f@#k up in the process of all these endeavors, find ourselves in unfavorable situations or even worse, lose everything and everyone we care about.

On this long journey to success we might come across people who diminish and discourage our efforts, discriminate us and belittle our ideas until we stop believing completely in our goals and feel worthless and useless. We lose confidence in the process and think we are not smart enough, talented enough and our ideas are not good enough.

But that’s ok, because all these challenges are part of a learning curve. The thing with challenges is that they push us to the edge. They build attitude within us, force us to be calculative, to strategize and learn better ways of doing things.

When challenged we discover our strengths and weaknesses, we step out of our comfort zones and certainly grow to be wiser, stronger and better than we already are. We need to be challenged in order to discover our capabilities so as to reach our full potential. Challenges build us into more determined, hardworking beings and give us a purpose in life. Believe it or not, I learnt all these in the movie, “STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON”.

This is by far one of my favourite films. I was a little sceptical on whether or not to watch this kind of a movie-given the fact that I am totally clueless about the hip hop genre, even more so, the artists that the movie is centred upon (DR. DRE, EAZY-E, ICE CUBE, MC REN AND DJ YELLA). But then I thought to myself, maybe that’s reason enough to watch it. To know more about these hip hop artists, where they and their music originate from, what they went through, how they changed the way in which hip hop was perceived back in the day, and how they opened up opportunities for upcoming artists and inspired many. Funny enough, I ended up learning more than expected.

This movie got me riding on a roller coaster of different kinds of emotions. I found myself glued to the screen (that’s how interesting it is). It got me smiling, laughing, crying, feeling sad, angry and bitter; got me wondering, thinking and learning valuable lessons.

I’ve always wanted to watch a movie that will hook me, draw me in and leave me questioning every aspect of my life. Leave me wanting more, wanting to make a difference in life. This movie gave me that.

Seeing how these artists hustled and forcefully pushed to get their music out there; how they continued following their passions regardless of the discrimination and discouragement; regardless of the challenges they had undergone and how they fought for what they believed in irrespective of how badly they got punished and ill-treated for being rappers (black rappers). How they used their daily struggles and experiences to produce music that spoke volume; moved people of different cultures and got people singing out loud with enjoyment and excitement.

That inspired me to work harder on my future objectives, to keep grinding hard no matter how difficult things may become. It motivated me to follow my passion regardless of the negative comments and dissuasions.

Straight Outta Compton got me thinking hard about life in general. And this right here is how I want to feel when I watch a movie, I want it to slither me through every single feeling in the world, put myself in the shoes of that actor or actress, feel what they are feeling, experience what they are experiencing and enjoy whatever it is they are enjoying, as if I am right there with them.

It got me wanting to tell you more but I’d prefer you go and watch the movie and then share your experience with us.

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