I once saw an interesting quote by Mikaela Tiu and it read, “Friendship is not who you’ve known the longest, but about who came into your life and never left your side”. A week later after reading this, one of the artists I totally revere released an album with a very catchy title. Amongst all the songs I’ve listened to on that Album, this specific song got me analysing myself and even more so, my circle of friends.

The lyrics of the track “REAL FRIENDS” by Kanye West totally hits home. It literally gets you wondering if the people you have known for years are as truthful and faithful, and whether they value your friendship as much as you do theirs. The beat is exceptionally awesome; it inoculates your mind with a dose of tranquillity, permitting you to drift away into your own little world, a world of imagination and inquisitiveness.

I have always known Kanye West to be a very fierce, opinionated and a very outspoken artist who is tremendously passionate about his music and not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He has undeniably verified all these demeanours on his recent album titled “The Life Of Pablo”. This is one of the artists who has been criticized, ostracized and discouraged so much by the media as well as the public, but he is still standing, still relevant, determined and he is still producing exquisite music. His story telling capabilities always shines through his music and I think that’s why I couldn’t help but find myself gazing at an empty space, my mind submerged deeply into memory lane.

I recalled that a few years back I had a lot of friends whom I’ve met in between spring and summer. During this seasonal era, the grass was greener, trees, plants and flowers blossoming and the sun bright as f@#k. Every damn thing was beautiful and lively and so was every aspect of my life; so was my connection with all my friends. I was at that juncture in life where almost everything was maturing. I was exultant, hyped up and prospering and just like the grass, our friendship too was greener. We had so much fun together, laughed and smiled at each other but how many of us were real friends, how many were honest?

A few months surpassed. The autumn breeze emerged and dried out all plants, wind blew hard and I was covered in dust. The sun slowly vanished and leaves started falling off trees; and so did half of my friends-I guess they too got blown away by the autumn breeze. Just like that, no warning, no explanation and no goodbyes. Worried and sad I was, but I remembered I still had the other half of my friends by my side. We laughed and smiled at each other but how many were real friends? How many honest?

Days went by and winter approached-the coldest of all seasons. Snow storms wavered in and left us ice cold. Some animals died during this season and so did my friendship with two of the remaining friends. I felt shattered and thwarted, but it daunt on me that I still had 3 more friends left. As sick and cold as I was, there they stood beside me, each with flu medication and a warm blanket to help cure and keep me warm.

Finally, the sun came out again; shining as bright as ever. The cycle repeated itself and I thought I was never going to see them again, but to my surprise, they were still there beside me with different kinds of sunscreens to protect me from the blistering sun. They had ice cold water to quench my thirst and keep me hydrated. Rain fell hard and there they stood, prepared with gigantic umbrellas. The wind blew hard, knocking me down and they picked me up, dusted the dirt off and encouraged me to keep on keeping on.

When life throws you with rock hard trials and tussles, it is then that you realize who your real friends are.

I knew at that specific moment that these 3 were my real friends, these were the people that had my back through thick and thin, come rain, dusts, hail, and storms, they never left my side. We got separated by towns and cities, sometimes provinces but our friendship still remained strong.

Sometimes as we grow older responsibilities pile up and life gets tougher, we get lost in our own little worlds and forget to check up on the people we care about. I know I am guilty of that – aren’t we all!

Nobody is perfect but there are people who still find time out of their busy schedules to be there for you when you need them. The type of friends you can confide in and still fill up the dome with. I’m talking about friends who bring out the best in you, inspire you to become a better person and support you regardless of your bulls@#t.

Treasure them!

Now before you analyse your circle of friends, sit your ass down and analyse yourself first.

Are you a real friend to your real friends?

Comment with a name of that special friend/s who stuck by you irrespective of your downfalls.

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