Every day we get up and continue embarking on this blurred journey called life. Along this journey we are confronted with not only lessons, stumbling blocks, set-backs and heartaches but also blisses, special moments and merriments. We continue walking irrespective of our ups and downs because MAMA said “when life throws you with lemons, make lemonade”.

In the process of all these challenges, our courage, faith and strength are tested. Sadly, most of us find these challenges or rather lessons more brutal and unbearable and as a result we break down and quit on ourselves and instead of making lemonade out of the lemons thrown at us, we let life make lemonade out of us! We suffer and die in silence because we are afraid of being judged; afraid of being labelled as weak and vulnerable. We fail because we are in denial, because we accept pain and defeat.

But over and above all, we fail to make lemonade because most of us have absolutely no idea how to make the damn lemonade. Mama forgot to show us how this refreshment is made so we cut the lemon in half, squeeze the juice out into a jar and add sugar.

But that’s about to change now that Beyoncé has shared her LEMONADE recipe with us – literally and hypothetically so.

A couple of days back Beyoncé released her unanticipated album titled <b>“Lemonade”</b>- an album consisting of the sour experiences and heartaches that not only she but most if not all women worldwide had stumbled upon and kept to themselves all this time. This album raised a lot of assumptions and speculations. It got people talking about Beyoncé’s “failed” marriage, how fed up she is of being cheated. Some even questioned why she would hang such dirty laundry out in the open for the entire world to see, some judged her and managed to find the negatives on this entire album. They judged her voice, her creativity and the production of the album and while they were judging her, she was getting rich (her lemons made her millions). I have to admit that I misinterpreted the album too at first until I gave myself enough time to listen attentively to the lyrics and watched the hour long video.

I’ve picked up that pain, deceit; betrayal and tribalism are not the only factors this acclaimed artist shares with us on the lemonade album. EMPOWERMENT.LOVE.CHANGE AND PERSEVERANCE are the SOUL of the entire album; these are the factors which she is trying to promote. This album does not only show case her beautiful voice, dance moves and acting skills but also her versatility. Never have I thought that she could be such a poignant poet and an exceptional rapper. She created this to empower and inspire women to break free from the bonds that society has placed on us, to break free from abuse, slavery and oppression.

But most importantly to value love, life and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is because of these hardworking and inspirational legends that i get inspired to wear my six inch heel (used as a symbol of success and power) and carry on grinding 7 days a week regardless of my daily struggles.

  • NOW, this is how you make flipping lemonade out of the lemons life throws at you.

You cut the lemons in half, squeeze the living day light out of the bloody lemons and watch the juices flow into the jar by accepting the challenges life throws at you. You stop whining and start finding solutions. Then you strategise and run with it instead of sulking and throwing unnecessary tantrums and threatening to kill yourself.

Boil water and sugar until the sugar dissolves into the water by boiling up and nurturing your strengths and natural capabilities so as to creatively use your struggles and experience as a motivating factor towards achieving the strategy set above.

Mix the boiled ingredients as well as your favorite fresh fruit (optional) for extra flavor into the jar with the lemon juice by using all the resources life threw at you; by implementing your set strategy and putting your plan in motion. Let your experiences, whether good or bad inspire the shit out of you, write a book about your hardships and achievements if have to, sing about it if you can; start a bloody blog or something; be a life coach for all I care; dance your way out of it; do whatever it takes, whatever you can!

Sit back and let your lemonade mixture cool down by watching your efforts get recognized and appreciated, your hard work pay off and your entire life flourishing and then stare deeply into life and say… “BITCH” BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am Hellen Berries Mabelebele and I am making lemonade out of the lemons life threw at me.

Enjoy my lemonade and don’t forget to share it with the rest of the world!

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